An epic Race

O Gran Camiño awaits you

February 24-27

The illusion Returns

O Gran Camiño begins

Pilgrim Region

We speak of the Camino de Santiago as one of the main tourist attractions in Galicia. Each of its different variants are traveled every year by hundreds of thousands of people. The beauty of its lands leaves no one indifferent and those who come, repeat. The best version of a country is offered by top-level cycling. We understand cycling as an unbeatable tool to publicize the different attractions of our land, roads, wild coasts and colorful forests. Galicia offers the best setting for the cycling show of the great races.

Four stages

Galicia, toughness and beauty

O Gran Camiño returns to give Galicia its own space within professional cycling, as it already had with the defunct Volta a Galicia professional, which for years had the best cyclists of the moment on its poster.

Cycling culture

A story of great deeds

Galicia is a region with a long tradition in terms of cycling, with a large number of proper names that appear in cycling history books, both the oldest and the current one. Cyclists of the stature of the legendary Rodríguez Barros brothers (of whom Delio still holds the record for stage victories
in the Vuelta a España with a total of 39 victories), Álvaro Pino, Jesús Blanco Villar, Óscar Pereiro < br /> or luxury gregarious who were part of leading teams during their long sports careers such as Marcos Serrano or José Ángel Vidal, are some of the names that today are part of the cycling culture

But beyond this, Galicia had for many years a professional cyclist tour, which
brought together the best of international cycling.
With a first edition dated in 1933 and despite the fact that some years did not came to be disputed, the track record of
this test is full of illustrious and recognized names of anyone who has had a minimum of
interest in the world of cycling. Marino Lejarreta, Laudelino Cubino, Miguel Induráin, Abraham
Olano, Laurent Jalabert, Claudio Chiapucci, Andrew Hampsten, Piotr Ugrumov, Gianni Bugno or Frank Vandenbroucke are some of the great figures who started in some of its editions. < / p>

These antecedents are one more factor for both fans and teams to pay great attention to O Gran Camiño, a new lap in stages, which despite being held in its first edition in 2022,
has his favor (among many other things) the story.

Broadcast at the highest level

We will have the invaluable collaboration of Eurosport and TVG to reach each screen, with an audiovisual production at the height of the best races on the calendar.

Experience at the highest level

Illusion to innovate

As a company, at Emesports we have been involved in great careers for years, providing services, structures and comprehensive logistics. This close link with cycling means that another of the basic pillars is innovation, where we believe that possibilities yet to be exploited can be explored.

A great race, with the best teams. Our goal will be to consolidate O Gran Camiño among the best events on the international calendar, by organization and participation.


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