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O Gran Camiño (cycling event on the International Cycling Union) arrives to give Galicia its own place within professional cycling, as it already had in the past with the defunct professional “Volta a Galicia” which for years brought together the best cyclists of the moment.

A global event

A great international race with a wide representation of the best teams and cyclists in the world . Our objective will be to consolidate O Gran Camiño among the best races in the international calendar, in terms of organization and participation.


As a company, in Emesports we have been involved for years in big races, providing services, structures and integral logistics. This close link with cycling makes innovation another of our basic pillars , where we believe there are many possibilities yet to be explored.


Galicia has been delighting the world of cycling for years. The Galician landscape and orography perfectly pair with the cycling show, offering magnificent images in terms of sports and scenery. O Gran Camiño will present an attractive route, for both riders and spectators.



February 24 - 27

A Pilgrim

We talk about the Camino de Santiago as one of the main tourist attractions in Galicia. Each one of its different routes is travelled every year by hundreds of thousands of people. The beauty of its lands leaves a mark in everybody, and whoever visits Galicia would want to come back again.

The best version of a country is offered by top-level cycling. We understand cycling as an unbeatable tool to promote the different attractions of our land, paths, wild coasts and colourful forests. Galicia offers the best setting for the spectacle of major cycling races.


2 hours a day of the best live TV coverage with an audiovisual production at the same level of Grand Tours.


Galicia is a region of tradition when it comes to cycling, with a great number of names in the history books of cycling, both in old and modern times. Cyclists such as Rodríguez Barros brothers (of whom Delio still holds the record of stage wins in the Tour of Spain with a total of 39), Álvaro Pino, Jesús Blanco Villar, Óscar Pereiro or “deluxe” domestiques that were part of top-level teams during their professional careers such as Marcos Serrano or José Ángel Vidal, are some of the names that are part of the cycling culture.

Moreover, Galicia had for many years a professional race that brought together the best riders of international cycling.

With a first edition dated in 1933 and despite not happening in some years, the palmares of the race is linked with distinguished names of the cycling history of different eras: Salvador Cardona, Julián Berrendero, Vicente Belda, Marino Lejarreta, Laudelino Cubino, Miguel Induráin, Abraham Olano, Laurent Jalabert, Claudio Chiapucci, Andrew Hampsten, Piotr Ugrumov, Gianni Bugno o Frank Vandenbroucke are a few of the stars that participated in some of its editions.
Big names from our land: Delio Rodríguez, Emilio Rodríguez (on 3 occasions), Blanco Villar y Marcos Serrano also had the professional Volta a Galicia in their palmares.

This background is an additional incentive for cycling fans and teams to pay special attention to O Gran Camiño, a new stage race that, despite having its first edition in 2022, has tradition and history already in its favour.

Stay up to date on all the news that will be revealed in the coming weeks.


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