Stage 2

Camiño de Lugo

February 23th

stage summary

Discover Lugo

Located in the north of Spain, al also in the north of Galicia, Its capital is the city of Lugo, whose Roman Wall is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The province is characterized by a great contrast of its landscapes, with both mountainous and coastal areas with impressive beaches such as As Catedrais.

Inland, there are nature relevant areas such as Terra do Miño Biosphere Reserve and part of Eo, Oscos y Terra de Burón and Ancares ones. In addition, the province is part of the Camino de Santiago, on whose route through this area the visitor finds monasteries and Romanesque churches of interest. In gastronomy, Lugo stands out especially for its seafood and dishes such as ‘pulpo á feira’ or ‘lacón con grelos’.

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